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Comics + Critters Together At Last! (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ

    Notes from the DC Roadshow: Well, that’s that, isn’t it?




    Bleeding Cool has posted reports from yesterday’s road show in Texas. And here you go:

    You won’t be seeing Donna Troy yet in the new DCU, nor the Stephanie and Cassandra Batgirls. They haven’t been killed off though, just benched.

    And the new readers they are targeting?

    The target audience are men age 18 to 34 though they do realize that they have readers in other demographics.

    I’m going to take a few moments.

    It baffles me why they’d say “We only cater to men, although I hear some other people read it…” because catering to other people really isn’t hard.  It’s not asking you to do much, lol.  Also don’t say you don’t care about other people because boom nobody wants to buy your comics anymore :|

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