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    Namor no

    NAMOR no? I think we all know who is responsible for a swimming pool of booze.

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Zarathustra the cat with his life size portrait by Claude Monet


    Zarathustra the cat with his life size portrait by Claude Monet

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    The second THANOS AND DARKSEID: CARPOOL BUDDIES OF DOOM. Guest starring: Doctor Doom!

    Written by Justin Jordan (who has a new issue of Green Lantern: New Guardians coming out this Wednesday and has a new series, Dead Body Road, coming out in December) and drawn by Rafer Roberts (who is currently making Plastic Farm and Nightmare the Rat comics).

    You can read the first Thanos and Darkseid here.

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    I feel like it’s my duty to mention this AU version of Billy since I am an obsessive Doom stan

    Either this is what would’ve happened if Wanda and Doom got together again after ACC and Billy accepted Doom’s offer to stay with them, or he married Kristoff.

    Either way I bet it’s one mess of an AU

    *cries* stop making me ship thinks that are sad and have no fandom…

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    I dressed my cat, Sir Didymus, up as Thor, to match my favorite “Thor Cat” print by artist Jenny Parks. The mini-Mjolnir and shoulder-thingies (uh, technical terms) were printed on our PrintrBot Jr. 3D printer.

    Although he looks miserable, he was actually fine with the ordeal since I put a lot of catnip on his Mjolnir.

    If 3D printing isn’t for turning your cats into mini superheroes than what the heck *IS* it for?

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