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Comics + Critters Together At Last! (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ

    Have dashboard notifications vanished for anyone else?

    — 2 years ago with 35 notes
    #gettin real tired of your bullshit tumblr  #how am i supposed to know when someone reblogs an old post with something wanky?  #how am I supposed to know when I have a new follower?  #get ur shit together 
    1. dullscythe answered: Yes :S
    2. yourselffromthefuture answered: yes blackbolt
    3. harshcutieszoos answered: Yes.
    4. wicked-grin said: yes
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    6. guardtristan answered: Pretty much always only got half of them anyway…
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    9. metalpjsofdeath answered: YEP
    10. byron2spoopy said: yep!
    11. hiyoko-hime answered: yupp
    12. attack-on-avatars answered: yup
    13. judgementscythe answered: yep
    14. ladiesmakingcomics answered: Looks like. They disappeared from the app a while ago too
    15. plzleavedispg answered: WTF IS HAPPENING
    16. universal-remonster answered: Mine have!
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    18. heroics answered: yes D:
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