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Comics + Critters Together At Last! (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ

    liketheappliance asked: Raised by badgers on the mean streets of Portland, Oregon, the internet celebrity known as Rraaaarrl taught herself to read and write after discovering a box of Fantastic Four back issues in the dumpster behind a local Chuck-E-Cheese. Patterning herself after Doctor Doom, she crushed her enemies. Her rise to power occurred over a 24 hour period now know as "Miracle Monday". She continues to post today, but often disappears for lengthy stretches of time to fight crime and breed corgis.


    Can I just say that

    I love you for this amazing fake biography

    — 3 years ago with 14 notes
    1. liketheappliance said: I’m so glad!
    2. awyeahmona said: this is beautiful in every way. (and clearly 100% true.)
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